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The study of physical, chemical and biological aspects of the environment helps SWO determine the impact of human activity, living organisms, weather and naturally occurring landmarks on the general well-being of the human society at large and develop solutions for conservation and prevention.

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Recent decades have seen a dramatically accelerating pace in the development and adoption of new technologies, resulting in both positive and negative effects on human life. Whilst the adoption of advanced technologies improved the way we communicate, increased productivity, led to important discoveries in medical treatment and generally helped to improve quality of human life, it has also set off a chain of undesired effects that are contrary to the well-being of the environment and human beings on this planet. 

The psychological and physical effects of mobile phones is a case in point. Similarly, the insatiable demand for technological devices have caused a surge in rare-earth mining activities which comes with a number of environment l downside if left to conventional methods . SWO aims to promote and offer its solutions that helps to reduce these negative effects and mitigate the damage caused to the environment and human lives.