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Toxicity of Air

The Impact of Neglected Air Quality: Our Health at Stake

Neglected air quality poses a significant threat to our health, with far-reaching consequences. When air quality is ignored, pollutants and harmful substances infiltrate our environment, infiltrating the air we breathe. Prolonged exposure to poor air quality may cause lung cancer, asthma, and other chronic respiratory conditions. 

Which is why, many industries or corporates out there are now heavily committed to minimize Carbon Emission (CO2) as part of their ESG initiatives. Climate change, driven in part by CO2 emissions, can indirectly impact air quality and human health. Rising temperatures, altered weather patterns, and changes in atmospheric conditions can influence the formation and dispersion of air pollutants. 

By mitigating CO2 emissions and addressing climate change, we can help maintain stable and favorable conditions for better air quality and human health.