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Radiation Exposure: A Wake-Up Call

The Invisible Killers of Today's Era

As the world evolves into a digitalized era, technology becomes a necessity in our daily lives. As convenient as it sounds, there is a risk that comes with it. What we all don’t realize is, technological devices emits EMF (Electromagnetic Waves) which if long exposure, may damage and alter the genetic code (which also known as Gene Mutations). 

Not only that, long term exposure to EMF may also cause cell damages to tissues and organs where if left unchecked could possibly lead to death. In certain exceptional cases, EMF may also cause severe bodily reactions like:

As Long As I Reduce Using My Phone, I'm Good.

THINK AGAIN! Even if you reduce your usage of technological devices, it really doesn’t actually help much. Why? Because you’re living just about 500m away from cell towers that is mostly on 24/7 in a day. According to the The Star written in June 2022, “street lamps will integrate telecommunication transmission equipment, mounted with antennae for uninterrupted wireless connections. These structures will soon be all around us and the distance of each telco pole may be shorter.” (TheStar, 2022) 

It is difficult to complete erase or prevent EMF emission but what you can do to minimize its impact is, using aluminum foil. Gently rub the foil over your head, arms, hands, or fingertips before bed. For more tips on how to mitigate its impact, kindly contact us to learn more.