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The Power of Sound Frequencies

What frequencies does to our body?

We often think of the brain as a machine that processes information. It receives information from our senses through the nerve fibers (Axon), which send signals in the form of codes that represent different frequencies. Which then allows us to identify pain, dangers, emotions and etc.

Our brain acts as an amplifier to what we align our frequencies to. So, if you allow your brain to align itself to certain negative frequency, it may cause the following to happen within the body: 

How can sound frequency help in healing?

Sound therapy is similar to meditation because both involve consciously working with certain things. In meditation, you pay attention to and control your breathing. With sound therapy, you focus on controlling the different sounds you listen to, like how loud or soft they are and how fast or slow they play. 

By tuning into certain sound frequencies, such as calming music or nature sounds, may help to promote relaxation and reduce stress levels. When we are relaxed, our body’s natural healing processes are often enhanced.