Get Involved With SWO To Get Tax Exempted

Tax exempted under subsection 44(6) Akta Cukai Pendapatan 1967, reflects SWO's passion in helping to improve the people and the planet

Our activities and initiatives are as follows:


Finding out root cause of disease & social decadence.


Providing practical ways to overcome & mitigate the issues.


Sharing our findings and creating public awareness.


Projects to improve the quality of life for the people.

How Companies Can Leverage On SWO

Companies can select to sponsor any sustainability projects and therefore report such projects under their annual income and charter it as a sustainability initiatives that they have fulfilled .

How SWO completes the eco-system.

We assist to bring in the projects for your sustainability initiatives, fund for any of our projects to get your company tax exempted and meet some of your ESG requirements for your sustainability reporting. We aim to help as many people in need, and improve the hygiene and cleanliness of our environment through your support. Together we can create a better and more sustainable world for the people, planet, and economy. 

Find Out More Of Our Projects Here

If you want to know more or enquire about other projects that aren’t listed, you can contact us directly, and our team will get back to you shortly.