Who We Are

SWO Sdn Bhd serves as an integrated partner dedicated to identifying esteemed collaborators for the economic advancement. As a comprehensive hub, we streamline all project activities and serve as the primary liaison among various stakeholders. This includes state and environmental authorities, state agencies, state-owned enterprises, landowners, district authorities, and investors committed to contributing to our region's economic growth.

Professional Solutions

Legal & Compliance

We facilitate a streamlined application process with state authorities to expedite project initiation and simplify legal procedures.

Logistics & Distribution

We provide logistics support for your products and collaborate with trustworthy distributors to connect you with genuine buyers for your products.

ESG Fulfillment

Our sustainability affiliates oversee ESG initiatives on your behalf, allowing your business to concentrate on its core operations.

Project Management

We assist to coordinate your projects with the relevant stakeholders. Whether pursuing a joint venture or a strategic partnership, we streamline the process for your convenience.

ESG and Sustainability Framework

Get to know our ESG framework right here!