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A New Reality: The Era of Environmental Diseases

Perhaps it will be soon enough that we will eventually have to wear hazmat suits just to leave our home. Perhaps, we might just reach to a point of destruction that the dystopian societies we see in movies may just turn into a reality. This is just the beginning of an era and let us tell you this, if we do not come up with precautions or action plans to mitigate it, it will be too late. 

Environmental Disease– Health conditions that are caused by environmental factors. Which includes exposure to pollutants, chemicals, radiation, biological agents, poor water or air quality, climate change, and other environmental hazards.

This was the very reason Science and Wellness Organization (SWO) was established. A group of researchers who is committed in establishing solutions to help mitigate these environmental diseases and prepare the new generation for what is about to come. In order to make our purpose a reality, we need the help of every individual, organization, communities, and associations to support our cause. 

Your Lifestyle Habits Reflects Upon Your Health.

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We Have The Solutions To Make A Positive Change

A year-long initiative focusing on daily sustainable practices, social responsibility, and ethical governance. We engage in small acts that collectively make a big impact on the environment, society, and corporate ethics. Just like the video above, with enough research, we can help many others who are drowning in the current ill fated environment. In order for us to make that change, we need your help in:

Creating Awareness

Funding Our Research

Other Campaigns

EMF Crisis

Our research highlights an alarming EMF crisis due to excessive emissions from cell towers. The over-emission of electromagnetic fields poses potential health risks, urging immediate attention and regulatory measures for public safety

Dirty Electricity

Through our research on dirty electricity, we aim to uncover the effects of high-frequency electrical pollution in our environments. This investigation seeks to understand its impact on health and the environment, advocating for measures to mitigate potential risks.

Covid19-Aid Relief

Our COVID-19 aid relief efforts focus on providing essential support to affected communities, offering medical supplies, food, and financial assistance. Standing together in solidarity to combat its challenges and aid those in need

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