International Students' Social Responsibility Program

SWO X Prime Care (HKU)

"International Social Responsibility"

 A unique initiative designed to empower and engage students from diverse cultural backgrounds in contributing positively to the community. This program offers a platform for international students to actively participate in various social initiatives, fostering a sense of social responsibility, empathy, and global citizenship. Through collaborative projects, volunteer opportunities, and cultural exchanges, the program aims to cultivate a deeper understanding of social issues while encouraging students to become proactive agents of change within their host communities.


Our collaboration is a concerted effort aimed at educating the kids at SJKT ladang Repah about the significance of well-being and adopting a healthy eating lifestyle. By combining our expertise in wellness, we aim to inspire and equip the kids with practical knowledge and tools essential for cultivating healthy habits that will benefit them for a lifetime.

The Fundamentals Of Eating Healthily

How Healthy Is Your Diet

We do this by making learning about good food fun and practical. We show them the importance of eating different kinds of healthy foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins while also drinking enough water. But it’s not just about teaching facts—it’s about helping them see that food is important for feeling good. We encourage them to make smart choices without being too strict. Our aim is for them to grow up knowing how to pick healthy foods and enjoy eating well for life.

Teaching Kids How To Take Care Of Their Health

Teaching kids about taking care of their health early on is super important because it sets them up for a healthy and strong future. When they learn about eating good foods, staying active, and looking after themselves when they’re young, it becomes a habit. These habits help them grow up feeling good and strong in their bodies. It’s like learning how to ride a bike or read—it’s easier when you start early! When kids know how to take care of themselves, they can make good choices as they grow up, which helps them stay healthy and happy for a long time.

The Prime Age For Activeness!

Fueling Wellness Through Play and Exercise

When you run, jump, or play, it’s like giving your body a big hug—it makes your heart stronger, your muscles grow, and even helps you feel happier! Exercising helps to keep you strong and stops you from getting sick easily. It’s like magic for your body! When you move and play a lot, your body thanks you by making you feel awesome and ready for all the fun things you want to do!

Cultural Exchange

Our collaboration between SWO and Prime Care HKU not only focuses on educating the youth about well-being and healthy eating but also creates a vibrant cultural exchange platform. Through this collaboration, international students get an immersive experience into Malaysian culture through various activities, events, and interactions. In return, these students share their diverse cultures, traditions, and customs, enriching our community with a global perspective. This cultural exchange fosters understanding, appreciation, and respect for different cultures, promoting a more inclusive and interconnected community within our educational setting.

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