Love Yourself?

We all utter this same phrase “I need to love myself’, but have you stop to wonder what does it mean to really love yourself? Is it going on holiday trips? Shopping therapy? Doing the things, you like?

Now, sometimes loving yourself may not have to be a physical thing. Loving yourself could be about treating yourself right or at least be kinder to yourself. – Gratitude, self-reflection, satisfaction, acceptance etc. 

As much as we need to be grateful to others, we also need to be grateful to ourselves. It can even be as simple as “I am grateful to be able to wake up today” or “I am grateful that my body is healthy today” When you start being kind to yourself, your body will automatically support you in your day-to-day activities. You’ll never feel- “oh I’m too tired to get up from bed” or “Why does this keep happening to me?”

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Good Bye Negativity!

When you cancel out all the negativity, including bad habits and start taking care of your well-being, that is when you truly love yourself. So shopping, holidays and all these are just very small actions that can make you happy for a while, but you will never feel a sense of satisfaction because you’ll want more. And that is not loving yourself, that’s giving in to your own desire for a moment of bliss and then falling back into the same negative mindset and habit days later.

Loving yourself also means that you have to understand who you are as a spectrum in this universe. Self – reflection of your thoughts and habits will come into the picture. One thing that we all need to understand is, in order to change for the better, you need to first acknowledge yourself- be it behaviour, habits, or emotions. For example, you find that your skin is always bleeding due to your bad habit of peeling your skin when you feel anxious. So, you want to change that because you realise its beginning to impact you. First you need to acknowledge you have this habit, next you need to understand where it stems from, then accept the fact that if you continue this habit is not going to benefit you. As you do this cycle, you’ll start seeing yourself slowly ridding off this habit. Of course, your effort needs to come with persistence. By doing this, your body will also be grateful that you’re deciding to treat yourself better now and also put in the effort to support you in your daily life.

So, comes the major question; Do You Really Love Yourself?