SWO was invited to attend NPUPC 2023 at Xiamen University to share the importance of integrating financial literacy knowledge among the youth.

Why Should Financial Literacy Start From Young

Financial literacy should be integrated from a young age because it equips individuals with essential life skills that empower them to make informed financial decisions throughout their lives. Starting early fosters a sense of responsibility and understanding about budgeting, saving, investing, and managing debt, which can prevent financial pitfalls in the future. By instilling financial literacy in youth, we not only promote financial independence but also enhance their ability to weather economic challenges, make prudent choices, and ultimately secure a more stable and prosperous future. So that the younger generation is: 


Equipped With Both Academics And Life Skills.

Prepared And Can Achieve Financial Independence

Should this be a concern?

Unfortunately, with today's lifestyle it is very concerning

Between year 2018- 2022

The young generation has been proven to be falling into bankruptcy as according to the article in New Strait Times, 2023 in February. Whereby most had claim that they had financial issues and was overwhelmed by debt. (New Strait Times, 2023)


Were below age 34


Were below age 44


Were between ages 35 -44

Financial Knowledge Needs to Start From Young

That is why Moneytree and IGO have joint forces with a single purpose in raising awareness of the importance of financial literacy. Their comprehensive program allows the youth to understand the value of money, priority in expenditure and investing, as well as savings. 

You can learn more of their services through MoneyTree and IGO Sdn Bhd

Event Highlights