Always feeling tired and not getting enough of sleep? Here’s why!

Dirty Electricity, EMF/RF and Blue Light

Many people think good quality sleep is a result of getting to bed at a consistent time every night, sleeping early or having an 8 hours if sleep everyday. But, they did not realize the environmental factors are impacting our sleep. Our circadian rhythm is affected and disrupted by light spectrums, EMFs/RF and Dirty Electricity.

Blue light after dark disturbs the circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is our biological clock that regulates our sleep wake cycle. It make us to be alert and focused during the day and allows our melatonin to kick in at night. Our circadian rhythm directly affects our hormones, metabolism, body temperature, and mood. Melatonin production is suppressed when we exposed ourselves to blue light. Melatonin suppression has been linked with many health issues such as metabolic dysfunction.⠀

EMFs and dirty electricity are major environmental stressors that we tend to neglect as we are kot aware of it.
EMF is a constant stream of invisible energy waves hitting our body that we would not have been exposed to in nature. Many devices we have in our household emits harmful levels of EMF radiation such as Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, computers, and smart home devices.
Dirty electricity flows along wires and is emitted from the walls in your home and it is affecting all of us on a cellular level. These frequencies puts our body into a state of stress which is present even while you’re asleep. This prevents deep regenerative sleep where the body can truly self-heal.⠀
Symptoms :⠀
🔹 sleep disturbance / insomnia.⠀
🔹 depression ⠀
🔹restlessness and anxiety⠀
🔹Cognitive issues, difficulty with memory⠀

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