Why 5G Towers Near Schools Are a Hazard to Children

Children are more vulnerable to electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure due to their developing bodies, thinner skulls, and more fluid-filled tissues than adults
The deployment of 5G towers near schools has raised concerns about the potential health risks associated with radiofrequency (RF) radiation exposure (Environmental Health Trust, 2023). RF radiation, emitted by cell towers, 5G, and cell antennas, has been linked to various health issues, including cancer, memory impacts, and oxidative stress (Environmental Health Trust, 2023). Hundreds of scientists have warned that safety is not assured due to numerous studies in people living near cell towers and in animal experiments (Environmental Health Trust, 2023). In this article, we will discuss the reasons why 5G towers near schools are a hazard to children.

Health Effects of RF Radiation

RF radiation exposure has been linked to various health issues, such as:

• Headaches
• Memory problems
• Dizziness
• Depression
• Sleep problems

Why It's Not Safe to Install a 5G Tower in School Compounds

A study of twenty kindergartens in Australia found that children in kindergartens with nearby telecommunications facilities had total radiofrequency exposures more than 3 times higher than those in schools without such facilities (Environmental Health Trust, 2023). The American Academy of Pediatrics has also expressed concerns about the potential health effects of living near mobile phone base stations. 

The installation of 5G towers in school compounds has raised concerns about potential health effects on students, staff, and the community. 

4 Main Reasons Why It Is NOT Advisable To Install 5G Towers Near School Compounds

Increased exposure to radiation

Cell towers near schools can increase student and staff exposure to radiation, which has been linked to sleep disturbances, immune damage, reproductive damage, and neurological problems

Lack of clear safety standards

Permitted maximum safety limits for RF-EMF exposure vary considerably around the world, and 5G systems encompass different specific technologies and components, making it difficult to establish clear safety standards.

Potential health risks

Some experts argue that cell tower placement near schools may constitute an international human rights violation, as it can lead to development or health issues

Lack of public participation

Decision-makers are aware that government cell tower radiation limits do not protect children from non-thermal effects, and some schools, like the Los Angeles Unified School District, have banned cell towers on their school campuses

Children are more vulnerable to electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure due to their developing bodies, thinner skulls, and more fluid-filled tissues than adults. These physical characteristics can result in higher EMF absorption rates, as their bodies offer less resistance to the radiation.

Additionally, the developing nervous system in children is more conductive and absorbs more electromagnetic energies than that of adults, making them more susceptible to the effects of EMF radiation (Moon, 2020). Studies have shown that long-term exposure to EMF may be a possible risk factor for childhood leukemia, further emphasizing the potential health risks associated with EMF exposure in children. The biological vulnerability of developing children has raised concerns about the possible health effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation, making it crucial to consider and minimize their exposure to EMFs. It is crucial for schools and local authorities to consider the potential health risks associated with 5G towers near schools and take appropriate measures to protect children from these hazards (Hyungryul Lim, 2023).


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